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How to Seal Criminal Records Information in Colorado

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Sealing Criminal Records in Colorado

Graf Law Offices  can help our clients seal their criminal records in Colorado. The State of Colorado allows for a way to have criminal records information sealed from the public domain which can help you if you’re having trouble getting gainful employment. The law allows persons to seal their arrest and criminal records. The process of sealing of your arrest and criminal records in Colorado can take place under the following circumstances:


  • Successful completion of a deferred judgment and sentence or deferred prosecution;
  • No charges are filed by the prosecuting attorney (a “no file” case);
  • The case is dismissed by the Court for any reason;
  • Not guilty after trial;

The criminal defense attorneys at Graf & Associates, P.C. have  filed successfully petitions to seal criminal and arrest records in hundreds of cases.  There are also procedures for sealing and expunging juvenile records; even if the case was adjudicated as guilty.  In certain situations the records of adult criminal convictions can also be sealed.  The adult conviction must be at least ten years old and there can be no current charges against you.  Call us to see if you qualify to seal your record of conviction.

Dismissal of your case does not mean your records are automatically sealed.  Failure to seal your records can have a devastating effect on your future. A simple background check will show that you were charged and arrested even if you were innocent and the charges were dismissed.  This can lead to lost employment opportunities, credit problems and lost security clearances.  Participation in your children’s school or extracurricular activities and sporting events may be denied based on the mere existence of dismissed charges.  Equally important, law enforcement and prosecutors can look at your criminal record (even if your case was dismissed) and use it as an inference of guilt should you ever be suspected of a crime.  Don’t pass up the opportunity to protect your good name.

Sealing criminal records in Colorado involves the filing of a petition in the District Court in the same county where the charges occurred.  Each jurisdiction has its own procedure.  Our firm has filed hundreds of successful petitions to seal.  We are familiar with the procedures in every jurisdiction in Colorado.