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Military Divorce

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Colorado Military Divorce Attorneys

Colorado Military Divorce Lawyers

The attorneys at Graf & Associates, P.C. are the most experienced military divorce attorneys in Colorado.  The attorneys at Graf & Associates, P.C. have served in the armed forces as operators and as JAG officers in the active duty , National Guard and Reserves.  We know the law, military regulations and the military culture.  You deserve a law firm that understand the complex nature of military retirement benefits, military medical benefits including Tri-Care and the special consideration necessary for child custody and visitation when a military member deploys.

Although military divorces take place in the civilian court system, there are unique laws and special circumstances that apply to military divorces.   Consideration must be given to when and where a military divorce case is filed.  For example, there are rules governing how long you must reside in Colorado to file for divorce and residency requirements for modifying a custody decree from another state.  In addition, there are special rules concerning the division of  marital assets, alimony, spousal maintenance and child support for military divorces. Most importantly, the division of military retirement involves Federal Laws and Regulations that take precedence over state divorce law.  The complexities surrounding military divorce require the skill and attention of attorneys familiar with these regulations and o experience handling military divorce.

Whether you are currently serving in the U.S. military as a service member or a military spouse, the military divorce lawyers of Graf & Associates, P.C.  can help you protect your interests in divorce, child custody, visitation and other family law-related military  issues. Contact us to discuss your situation with an experienced Colorado military divorce attorney.

Helping You Navigate the Complex Military Divorce Process

By providing informed counsel and assertive representation, we seek to help individuals find practical solutions and navigate the complexities of the military divorce process. We can help you protect your interests regarding unique provisions regarding military pension division or in calculating alimony, spousal maintenance and child support. Our representation also includes representation in other divorce concerns such as child custody, equitable parenting time, interstate and other parental relocation issues and more.

If you or your spouse is currently deployed or on active duty overseas, we can help you understand your rights and the protections of the  Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). The SCRA protects U.S. service men and women from certain legal actions, including divorce, while on active duty. Whether you are currently serving abroad or wish to pursue divorce while your spouse is deployed, our lawyers will help you understand your options and take proactive steps to protect your interests.

Military Divorce:  Military Retirement

The primary concern of most military members or their spouses is how the military retirement will be divided.  Federal law has very specific rules on how and when military retirement pension benefits can be divided.  Likewise, there are special rules concerning the transfer of retirement assets from a military member’s Thrift Savings Plan TSP to a civilian’s Individual Retirement Account IRA.    The Denver Divorce attorney’s at Graf & Associates, P.C. are experts in the division of military retirement benefits.  We can help you in obtaining a military domestic relations order MDRO to divide military retirement benefits.

Military Divorce:  Child Custody and Visitation

Did you know that Colorado passed a specific law regarding child custody and visitation rights for military members who are deployed or are on temporary duty TDY or TAD?  In addition, the Colorado Court of Appeals recognized special protections to members of the National Guard and Reserve and the ability of step parents to exercise visitation while the military parent is deployed.  In Re the Marriage of DePalma, 176 P.3d 829 (Colo.App. 2007).

Special planning and consideration must be given to the frequent moves and deployment of military members and their spouses.  Frequently, neither parent may have long term connections to Colorado.  Likewise, we have extensive experience in registering out of state child custody and child support orders for military members assigned to Colorado military bases.

Military Divorce:  National Guard and Reserve

The experienced military divorce lawyers at Graf & Associates, P.C. are familiar with the special considerations of dividing the military retirement benefits of National Guard and Reservists.  Our military divorce attorneys have served on active duty and in the National Guard and Reserves.  Unlike active duty retirement, National Guard and Reservists use a point system that makes the division of retirement benefits particularly difficult.   In addition, retirement benefits are not available until age 60.  You deserve lawyers who are familiar with the military finance system.  National Guard and Reservists also have special considerations concerning custody and visitation.

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At Graf & Associates, we focus on providing the knowledgeable, assertive and compassionate representation that clients need when handling the delicate issues of military divorce. We take time to listen to your goals, review your case and provide an honest case assessment at a reasonable cost, so you can make informed decisions about how to proceed.

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