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Denver Federal Court – Sentencing Guidelines

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Graf Law Offices are the best choice to Defend you in Federal Criminal Court in Colorado. You can find lots of attorneys practice criminal defense in State Court but there are only a few Attorneys are truly qualified to practice federal criminal defense. Every Federal criminal conviction results in a Federal Sentencing Guidelines calculation that provides sentencing recommendations to the judge and that is only one of many ways that Federal criminal procedure is substantially different than Colorado State criminal procedure. Graf & Associates, P.C. has extensive experience in federal criminal defenseWe’re qualified because we have Attorneys in our offices who have served as federal prosecutors and federal defense attorneys with 28 years of experience.

The Federal Sentencing guidelines have undergone substantial revisions over the past ten years. So It’s crucial that your criminal defense attorney has experience in recognizing Federal Sentencing Guideline issues that can help reduce your sentence. It is also important that your federal criminal defense attorney knows how to work with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and federal law enforcement agencies to hammer out plea bargains that lessen the length of sentence.

Except by agreement of a defendant, every felony case in federal court starts with a grand jury indictment. Knowledge of the appropriate procedures for grand juries, government wire taps and the policies and procedures of federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, DEA, ATF and IRS is essential for your defense. Having our experienced federal criminal defense attorneys guide you through the investigation of your case can help limit your exposure and reduce the potential sentence recommended by the Federal Sentencing Guideline computation. At Graf & Associates, P.C. we understand federal law and procedure and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Just as important, we know and understand the personalities of the people in the system.

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