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Failure to Pay Child Support

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Failure to Pay Child Support in Colorado

Failure to pay child support in Colorado can cause a world of problems including jail, garnishments, wage assignments and loss of your drivers license.  Back child support never goes away and can never be discharged in bankruptcy. It will follow a non-paying parent from job to job. It may land a parent in jail. Make it a priority!
If a parent doesn’t pay, the other parent can do any – or all – of the following:

  • Liens on Property
:  This includes liens on real estate as well as on personal property like cars and boats.
  • File Contempt:  
A parent who fails to comply with a child support order may be called before a judge on contempt charges. The remedy may be “remedial” (fix it and fix it now), “punitive” (go to jail), or both. Remedial contempt may still involve jail time until the child support is paid.
  • Gambling Payment Intercept:  
Casinos and racetracks are required to intercept winnings from slot machines ($1200) and racing wagers ($600) if a parent owes child support arrears.
  • Lottery Intercepts:  
If you’re lucky enough to pick the right numbers in the lotto drawing, you may lose your winnings if you owe unpaid child support.
  • Suspension of Licenses:  
Failure to pay child support may result in suspension of a driver’s license, hunting or fishing license, and license to practice your occupation suspended if a parent is behind in child support payments.
  • Directory of New Hires
:  Colorado employers are required to report new hires to the State which then matches this information against its list of child support obligors.  An immediate wage garnishment or wage assignment may ensue.
  • Reporting to Credit Bureaus
:  Unpaid child support amounts will negatively  effect  the delinquent parent’s credit rating making loan financing extremely difficult.  For a home loan, te lender will expect the debt to be paid prior to financing.  It is important that you reduce the unpaid child support to a judgment by completing an affidavit of arrears.  At Graf & Associates, P.C. we can help with these collection efforts..
  • Deductions for Health Insurance
:  This involves a notice similar to that used for an income assignment that is sent to an employer directing the employer to enroll the children in the employer’s health insurance plan and to deduct the premium payments from the parent’s pay.
  • Liens and Garnishment of  Bank Accounts:  
Once a financial account is discovered, a lien may be placed that can freeze the funds in the account and a garnishment of the account issued for payment  of unpaid child support.
  • Tax Refund
:  A Parent who owes child support may see their state and federal tax refunds intercepted  to cover the amount of the support arrearage.

Make child support the priority over everything else. If you still can’t manage it, consider a .

If you need help collecting unpaid child support from the other parent, Graf & Associates, P.C. can help you in these collection efforts.  If you are behind in your payments, we can help you work out a payment plan or to properly reflect your financial situation. Privately rented room in a house or a flat , price 250-500 euro per month!