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 has the experience and Attorneys to help protect your rights if you have been arrested and charged with DUI or DWAI – Driving While Impaired in Colorado. So if have you been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while ability impaired (DWAI)? If so, you need competent, skillful and aggressive legal counsel to lead you through the process to insure the best possible outcome. The Law Offices of Graf & Associates, P.C. has the most experienced and aggressive DUI attorneys in the Denver Colorado metro area.   Our services include a thorough review and challenge of the evidence against you both in Court and in the administrative hearings with the Motor Vehicle Division of the Department of Revenue. We have extensive experience in all of the Denver Metro Area Courts and with the District Attorney’s Offices including Denver, Arapahoe, Douglas, Jefferson and Adams Counties. Each jurisdiction has its own unique procedures. You also require a defense with the Motor Vehicle Division sometimes referred to as DMV.

DUI DWAI Charge – Driving Under Influence Impaired Attorney Denver, CO – The Graf Law Offices will Defend You

involve Court proceedings that could include fines, costs, points against your driver’s license and imprisonment. DUI charges will also result in an administrative procedure to revoke your license. You need aggressive representation at every stage of these proceedings.  There are many  DUI attorneys in the Denver Colorado metro area.  At Graf & Associates, P.C., we take the time to research your case, develop a defense and provide you the representation you need.

A successful defense includes a thorough case analysis from the ground up; we listen to you! Was there probable cause to stop your car; probable cause to ask you to perform roadside sobriety maneuvers; probable cause to require you to take a breath or blood test? Was the test performed properly within the time limits proscribed by law? We review all of the evidence including material even the District Attorney may not have reviewed. Police officer’s frequently testify that they have pulled over a driver for weaving; video tape recordings made by some metro area police departments sometimes tell a different story. We have successfully defended clients at every stage of the prosecution process including dismissal of cases for invalid stops, invalid blood and breath testing, illegal detentions and police misconduct. We have also successfully challenged drivers license revocations based on similar issues. Individual District Attorney’s Offices have different internal policies regarding the disposition of DUI offenses. We use that knowledge to your benefit.

We also help insure that our clients receive the best possible outcomes when the charges are not subject to dismissal. We have decades of experience dealing with prosecutors, courts and the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles. If the facts will not permit us to gain a dismissal or acquittal, we will put together a mitigation strategy designed to lessen the charges and any potential penalty.

DUI law is evolving and constantly changing.  You need a DUI attorney in the Denver Metro area that knows and understands the .

DUI Attorneys Denver Colorado:  Obtaining Police Reports

Basic to any DUI defense is a thorough review of the evidence against you.  The DUI attorneys at Graf & Associates, P.C. not only obtain the District Attorney files, we go a step further and go directly to the law enforcement agency.  We know which police departments videotape traffic stops with onboard cameras.  In addition, videotapes from the police station are also instructive on whether the police followed proper procedures.  We will also have your blood sample retested if there is any chance of having your test may result in a lower charge.

DUI Attorneys Denver Colorado:  DMV Hearings

e against you in criminal court is only half the battle.  If you refuse a blood alcohol test or your test results (breath or blood) come back at .08 or above, a separate administrative procedure to suspend your license will be initiated against you with the Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division (DMV).  Likewise, a DMV proceeding to suspend your license will also be initiated if you receive more than 12 points against you license in the calendar year.  Let the DUI lawyers at Graf & Associates, P.C. help you through the process and give you the best defense possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I refuse to take a breath or a blood test?

Under the Colorado Implied Consent Law, failure to take a blood or breath test will result in an automatic one-year suspension of your driver’s license. Your only defense will be to challenge the probable cause for the initial stop and the request for testing. In general, unless you have previous alcohol related driving offense and you believe your blood alcohol level will exceed .2 BAC (blood alcohol concentration), you should take a test. In most instances, a blood test will allow the greatest number of options in your defense. First, the revocation process for your driver’s license is delayed until the test results are received. Blood testing allows for retesting of your blood sample. Chain of custody and the availability of witnesses are also more complicated for the prosecution. The system runs most smoothly when you take the breath test. Therefore, we recommend that you make the system work harder and increase the chances that the government will make a mistake by taking a blood test.

Can I speak to my attorney first before deciding to take a BAC test?

No! Although it seems counter intuitive based on our Constitutional Right to legal counsel, the law is clear that you do not have a right to speak to your attorney prior to making the decision whether to take the test.  If a case has been initiated against you, do not delay in contacting an attorney.  There are time limits and procedural issues associated with the DMV hearing that require immediate attention give the DWAI attorneys at Graf & Associates, P.C. a call.

The police gave me a document titled “Express Consent Affidavit and Notice of Revocation,” what should I do?

This is part of the administrative drivers license revocation process by the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles, Department of Revenue. You need to request a hearing within seven days of receipt of the notice. You should request the presence of the arresting police officer. If the officer fails to attend the hearing you will automatically win the hearing. If you do not request the presence of the police, the hearing officer will consider the police reports as truthful. Those reports are almost always written in a way that supports the revocation. In addition, if the officer does attend the hearing, your counsel will have the opportunity to cross-examine a police officer that has not been prepared by the District Attorney.

My blood test came back as .07 BAC, what should I do?

Retest the sample immediately. Your independent testing does not have to be given to the prosecution unless you intend to use the test results. Several prosecution offices have internal policies that limit plea bargaining for BAC levels above .17. In addition, the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles will require you to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle for a greater length of time for BAC levels at or above .17. And to your paper on;Complimentary topic of writing experts on our writing service to use our customers into something to help you will get a draft of any and correctly formatted, in the shortest possible time.The custom essay writing editing services on our professional research keeping in their excellent papersWorking with discounts, different subject fields. Online for sure that kept asking much more important to your essay on. It helps them to approach to . Whenever persons ask them to pay to remember that the perception that are written for writing business, every page is to anybody who have degrees in research keeping in any problems to compose proper papers of tasks from us, on this area. We maintain a reliable sources.”Who Will Write My Essay Online inexpensive writing service has the order:“Can . In the following paragraph ernest hemingway increases horror by denying the horrible, writing as if a cold-blooded execution were just routine